Happy Science University

The Exploration of Happiness with the Goal to Create a New Civilization

Happy Science University was founded by Master Ryuho Okawa on April 1st 2015 in Chiba Prefecture. We aim to develop talented individuals who will study and work towards the creation of a new world civilization.

Our students will deeply explore the essence of human beings and true happiness, gain practical knowledge of business management with an entrepreneurial spirit, gain scientific and technical knowledge to create and develop industries of the future, conduct research into creating the politics of the future, and will develop foreign language skills, with the mission to serve the people of Japan and the world.

Our Mission Statement

  1. Happy Science University will become the origin of the creation of an ideal world (utopia), a new world civilization, based on ‘Noblesse Oblige’, our responsibility to bring happiness and prosperity to the people of the world.
  2. To establish a foundation for creating the civilization of the future by developing leaders who have religious faith and the noble aspiration to fulfill our mission.
  3. To educate students and conduct research which will be the source of the new civilization, where modern reasoning and spirituality are integrated.
Founder and CEO of Happy Science Group
Founder of Happy Science University

Ryuho Okawa

Master Ryuho Okawa was born in Tokushima Prefecture, Japan, in 1956. After graduating from the University of Tokyo, Faculty of Law, he joined an international trading company based in Tokyo. While working on finance and foreign exchange at the company’s New York headquarters, Master Okawa studied international finance at the Graduate Center of City University of New York. In 1981, Master Okawa attained Great Enlightenment and awakened to the hidden part of his consciousness. In 1986 Master Okawa established Happy Science. There are members in over 169 countries, over 700 branches or Shojas and approximately ten thousand satellites. The number of lectures Master Okawa has given is over 3500 times (Including English lectures over 150 times ) and books were translated in 42 languages, Master Ryuho Okawa has published over 3150 books, including The Laws of the Sun , The Laws of Messiah. Many of his books have become bestsellers and million-sellers. And Master Okawa is the executive producer of 27 theatrical movies. Master Okawa has also composed the lyrics and music of over 450 songs , such as theme songs and featured songs of movies.

Master Okawa is CEO of Happy Science Group, the founder of Happy Science Academy and Happy Science University, the founder of Happiness Realization Party, and Chairperson of Happy Science Institute of Government and Management, the founder of IRH Press, Chairperson of New Star Production, and ARI Production.

Chairman Of Happy Science University

Kazuya Watanabe

Graduate of Tokyo Metropolitan University, Faculty of Economics
Working for Happy Science since 1994
Publications: “Management of Aspiration”
“An Overview of Successful Management TheoriesⅡ Book1”
“An Overview of Successful Management TheoriesⅡ Book2”
“HSU-The infinite possibility of HSU”

Principal of Happy Science University

Hajime Kuki

Graduate of Waseda University, Faculty of Law
Working for Happy Science since 1993
Publications: “Management of the New University and its Mission”
“The University Education’s Role in Faith”
“An Overview of Successful Management TheoriesⅠBook1”
“An Overview of Successful Management TheoriesⅠBook2”

* Happy Science University is an unaccredited institution of higher education.

* All courses are taught in Japanese, with the exceptions of English language courses and selected courses.

* Course information is subject to change.

Basic Education

Subjects in the Basic Liberal Arts

Common subjects in the Basic Liberal Arts give the students the opportunities to develop a rich sense of humanity, extensive knowledge, practical skills, and general foundation to be active in various fields.

Subjects of Happy Science teachings / Subjects of the Founding Philosophy

In these subjects, students will deeply understand HSU’s founding philosophy “The Exploration of Happiness and the Creation of a New Civilization.” Moreover, the students will acquire the spirit of self-help, the spirit of “noblesse oblige” that is to be responsible for happiness of all human beings, and embody the high aspiration. In addition, they will learn the basics of Happy Science teachings and will pursue the happiness of individuals and societies.

General liberal arts subjects

The students can choose the subjects of interest among the groups of subjects across several fields of specialization. In order to expand their interests outside the field of their specialization as well as develop the foundational strength to have a global viewpoint and a pluralistic standpoint.

Subjects offered

Comprehension of religion:

History of world religions, Introduction to Religious Studies, etc.

Comprehension of humanities and cultures:
Introduction to history, Introduction to literature, Introduction to design, etc.

Comprehension of modern society:
Japanese Constitution, Introduction to legal studies, law and religion, Theory of security, Theory of modern education and society, etc.

Comprehension of nature, science and technology:
Industry and innovation, Nature and environment, etc.

Subjects of workshop class for general liberal arts:
General workshop for all facultiesⅠ/Ⅱ,etc.

Career Education and Career Support

As our support and education for students to be talented individuals who can contribute to creating the future, HSU provides the students with the support for job placement in HS Group, cooperative companies, or other companies, with the strength of religious qualities and a sense of ethics, language skills, knowledge of management. In addition, HSU provides the support the students for acquiring qualification of English proficiency tests such as EIKEN, TOEIC, etc., and qualifications useful to work as a member of society such as bookkeeping, excel test, service certificate exam, secretary certificate exam. In addition, HSU provide the opportunities such as job fair and internship.

Language education

One of the most outstanding features of HSU is its internationality. HSU puts special emphasis on the education of English, the universal language, and provides the educational program to produce the individuals who can take leadership in an international society and work globally.

General English Program〔Common subjects for all faculties〕

The first-year students from all faculties will participate in the compulsory subjects in General English Program. In small classes based on the English proficiency level of students, they will learn four skills of English, Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing so that they can improve their total ability of English. A number of Native English speakers teach English. Classes higher than elementary level are taught in English.

Advanced English subjects〔Elective subjects〕

Advanced English subjects consist of “Black Belt English subjects” and “White Belt English subjects.” “Black Belt English subjects” aim to improve practical English proficiency necessary for cultivated and globally-minded persons. “White Belt English subjects” aim to improve practical speaking ability while reinforcing the students’ understanding of English grammar.

Kuro-Obi (Black Belt) English subjects

Kuro-Obi English (Black Belt English):
Students will develop the media literacy to gain an insight into international affairs.

Business English:
Students will develop communication skills necessary in the international business setting.

Intensive Reading:
Students will develop a high level of reading comprehension through reading original English texts

Religious English:
Students will develop the skills in religious English expressions including Happy Science teachings

Shiro-obi (White Belt) English subjects

Shiro-obi English:
Student will strengthen their reading and listening skills, and prepare for TOEIC exam.

Shiro-obi Speaking:
Students will improve their ability to communicate orally (speaking) in English and give highly skilled presentation in English.

Second foreign languages〔Elective Subjects〕

Depending on their interests and aims, students can choose second foreign language subjects among six languages: Chinese, Russian, German, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. Students can learn these languages from the basic to advanced levels for two years. (Second foreign language subjects are compulsory elective subjects for the second-year students besides those belonging to the faculty of Future Industry and Entertainer/ Creator course in the faculty of Future Creation. Second foreign language subjects are elective for the third-year students. The first-year students can also attend the second foreign language subjects if they wish.


Faculty of Human Happiness

Studying the “Humanics” and becoming the leaders who can open a new era.
The Exploration of the nature of humanity and the true happiness

Students will deeply seek the nature of humanity and the true happiness mainly focusing on the teachings of Happy Science, which are the most valuable assets of human beings. The students will learn humanities including philosophy, religious studies, and psychology, etc., as well as extensive knowledge which is necessary to be an internationally-minded person.

To be a leader of virtue with extensive knowledge

Students aim to be a leader of virtue or a professional person of religion with extensive knowledge and advanced specialized knowledge.

Human Happiness Course

The students in this course will thoroughly learn “Happy Science teachings,” which explore the universal happiness of human beings, as well as extensive specialized knowledge including philosophy, religious studies, psychology, etc. and then they will master “Humanics” and “Happiness study.”

Basic Specialized Subjects (For all students of Faculty of Human Happiness)

Introduction to Happiness Study, Introduction to Philosophy, Introduction to Religious Studies

Happy Science Teaching Subjects

Applied teachings of Happy Science (specialized knowledge of Buddha’s Truth), Practical teachings of Happy Science (preaching, meditation, salvation of the general public), etc.

Human Science Subjects (Philosophy and Ethics)

Introduction to Philosophy, History of Western Philosophy, Eastern Philosophy, History of Social Thoughts, Human and Psychology, Principle of Education, Clinical Psychology, Science of Physical and Mental Health, etc.

Regional Culture Subjects (Religion and Culture)

Introduction to Religious Studies, Religious Sociology, Basic Artistic Culture, Art History, etc.

International Course

International course creates professional international missionaries, who have acquired strong language skills, profound understanding of Happy Science teachings, and extensive intelligence so that they will be able to preach and spread Happy Science teachings, and build and manage branch temples in foreign countries. Moreover, this course also contributes to producing international businesspersons, who can hit the ground running at foreign companies.

Regional Culture Subjects

Intercultural communication (basic / advanced), Area Studies (Europe / North America), Society and culture of East Europe and Russia, English literature and culture, etc.

Happy Science Teaching Subjects

Applied teachings of Happy Science, Practical teachings of Happy Science (preaching, meditation, religious salvation of the public), Study of international missionary, etc.

Subjects of Human Science and Religious Cultures

History of western philosophy, Theory of religious culture in Europe, etc.

Global Elite Program

Black Belt English Plus, Intensive training of presentation and debate, Professional English skills, etc.

Two-years Course for Developing International Persons

This course, mainly intended for adults, provides the curriculum on-campus or online where students can learn English, Happy Science teachings (e.g., Basic Teaching of Happy Science), and Business oriented subjects (e.g., Successful Theory of Happy Science), etc. for two years so that they can acquire the language skills and intelligence necessary to be an international person. This course is designed for students to study while they are working.

Faculty of Successful Management

Become a person full of entrepreneurship, who can realize success of company and prosperity of nation.
Aim to be a business leader full of entrepreneurship

Students learn Happy Science teachings relevant to management and success theory in addition to the traditional theories of business administration, so that they can become business leaders with strong religious belief, power of creation and execution and entrepreneurship.

We produce the persons who can contribute to progress of companies, nations and the world

Students extensively learn the subjects of law and economics in addition to the subjects relevant to management. This faculty produces the individuals who have an ability to solve the social and economic problems from a broader perspective and then can contribute to the strategy for growth of companies, nations, and the world.

From the second academic year, students will mainly learn specialized subjects.
In addition to management theory of Happy Science, students will learn practical points of management including the traditional management theory, integrate wisdom with practice through learning practical subjects, and gain the wisdom of successful management. We will produce the industry-ready and capable persons who can produce the additional values in various fields.

Subjects related to management theory of Happy Science

Introduction to successful management theory, Success theory of Happy Science, Introduction to Successful Management (“Introduction to Management,” “Introduction to CEO management,” etc.), Specialized theory of Successful Management (Sadamu Ichikura, Konosuke Matsushita, P.F. Drucker), Seminar of HSU publications (happiness theories /management theories), etc.

Subjects of Management Theory

Introduction to management Theory, Introduction to accounting, Introduction to economics, Marketing, Theory of human resource management, Theory of bookkeeping, Theory of technology management, Introduction to financial analysis, Theory of financial accounting, Theory of information management, etc.

Subjects of Creative Practice

Business skills, Creative management theory, Practice of creative design, Theory of fashion brand, Theory of fashion business, Basics of creative drawing, etc.

Success Project

Through business-academia collaboration, altruistic and customer-oriented project, and business creation projects, student will acquire practical skills integrated with knowledge and practice.

Faculty of Future Industry

We will elucidate the secret of the universe and become the origin of a future civilization!
We acquire knowledge and skills of science and technology to create the future

Students learn science and technology that are necessary for future industry such as mechanics, electricity, electronics, and information engineering. In addition, they extensively learn science subjects such as physics, chemistry, and biology, as well as cutting-edge technologies such as space engineering and plant factory. The students also experience manufacturing by utilizing knowledge of various fields in the practical subjects.

Have an aspiration to create new industry

Subjects of Happy Science teachings nurture creativity, imagination, sense of mission, foresight, and ethics to cultivate the original path to future civilization. Many students join research activities from the first year and participates in academic presentations and entrepreneurial activities.
From the second academic year onward, students choose and learn the subjects of interest from the categories of mechanics, electricity and electronics, chemistry and biology, and theoretical physics. After the third academic year, students belong to a laboratory and prepare for their graduation researches.

Subjects of Happy Science teachings

Happy Science Teachings of Future Industry: religion and science, study of creation, futurology, etc.
Happy Science Teachings of Future Science: space-time theory, energy theory, theory of high-dimensional universe, etc.
Workshop on Happy Science Teachings of Future Industry: practice of meditation to get new inspirations.
Seminar of Future Industry/Seminar of Future Science: research and presentation.

Subjects of Engineering

Mechanics: Material Mechanics, Thermal Dynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Workshop on Machine Processing
Electricity and Electronics: Electrical and Electronic Circuit, Control Engineering, Electrical Energy Engineering
Cutting-edge technology: Satellite system Engineering, Plant Factory Theory, Web service Theory
Experiment workshop: Experiment of Basic Science and Engineering, Eorkshop on Industrial TechnologyⅠ-Ⅳ, Workshop on Gardening

Subjects of Science

Mathematics: Mathematical Analysis, Linear Algebras, Applied Mathematics, Statistics.
Physics: physics, Modern Physics, Quantum Mechanics, Theory of Relativity, Electromagnetics
Chemistry and Biology: Basic Chemistry, Basic Biology, Analytical Chemistry, Molecular Biology, Food Science, Introduction to Entomology, Introduction to Fish Ecology

Subjects of Management

Students develop entrepreneurship and the skills to realize the innovation through the subjects such as Theory of Management and Technology, Information Control Theory, etc. Students can also study some subjects from Faculty of Successful Management.

Two-year Course for Advanced Research

In Two-year Course for Advanced Research, Students join the cutting-edge researches of Faculty of Future Industry. Regarding research topics, they can either choose from advanced researches that the faculty recommends, or set up their own original topics. As for subjects of Research, students do not need to come to HSU every day, but they can instead receive tutorials from the teachers on-line. Students also study the subjects of Faculty of Successful Management online.
Eligible to this course are a person who has completed more than two-year course in college or university, or a person who is regarded as having the same level of university education.

Advanced Course

In order to do research for creating future industries, Advanced Course, which is equivalent to graduate school, is available to postgraduate students.

Faculty of Future Creation

Play a major role to change the era and create the future
Explore new models of politics and culture to realize happiness of people.

Both politics and entertainment have their origin in people’s gratitude to Buddha and God. This faculty aims to realize “The Exploration of Happiness and the Creation of a New Civilization,” by offering a wide range of subjects related to politics, journalism, entertainment culture, entertainment expression. Students explore and promote new models of politics and culture that realize happiness of people, based on the ideals of “Truth, Goodness and Beauty.”

We produce persons of virtue who can win the hearts of people.

We will produce persons of virtue, who are influential in wider social contexts in terms of contribution to progress of nation and the world as well as happiness of the general public, by becoming a politician, journalist, writer, talents such as actor and actress and entertainer, creators such as film director and screenwriter. Students research on the secret of popularity, influential power, beauty, etc. in order to elucidate the essence of “creativity” and the “power to win the heart of people.”

First year students will sturdy courses common to all faculties at the main campus in Chosei-mura, Chiba Prefecture.
From the second academic year, Students learn at Tokyo Campus. There are two courses: “Course of Politics and Journalism Major” and “Course of Entertainment and Creator Major.”

Course of Politics and Journalism Major

This course is designed for students who aim to have jobs related to poetics such a politician, journalist, writer, or newscaster in the future. In this course, students study fundamental philosophy such as political philosophy and economic thoughts, as well as politics, journalism, law, economics and so on, in order to become a person who can give a clear exposition of the policy and enlighten many people.

Subjects of Happy Science teachings

Introduction to Future Creation Ⅰ・Ⅱ, Seminar of HSU series, etc.


Modern Political Theory, International Politics, Contemporary Japanese Politics, History of Japanese Politics and Diplomacy, Public Administration, Theory of Educational Policy, etc.


Practical Training for Writer, Theory of Journalism, Study of Contemporary Journalism, Theory of Publishing and Editing, etc.


Law and Religion, Introduction to Legal Studies, Constitution of Japan, Constitutional Law, Corporate Activity and Law, Civil Law, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property Law, etc.


Introduction to Economics, Economic thoughts, Economic Policy, Microeconomics, Macroeconomics, Finance, Financial Theory, etc.

Creation and Expression (common in both courses)

Speech Communication, Theory of Creating Audiovisual Contents, etc.

Course of Entertainment and Creator Major

This course is designed for students who aim to become an actor, entertainer, film director (live-action film, animation), scriptwriter, etc. Students extensively study subjects of entertainment including movies categorized as composite art, rendering and acting, etc. In addition, students learn practical skills of expression, creativity, expressive power, communicative power, etc.

Subjects of Happy Science teachings

Introduction to Future Creation Ⅰ・Ⅱ, Seminar of HSU series, etc.

Creation and Expression: Theory of Acting, Theory of Rendering

Workshop of Expression (acting, Jazz dance, street dance, vocal, etc.)

Workshop of Expression (film making, screenplay, animation production, etc.)

Study of Works

Study of Film Works, Study of Animation Works, Study of Foreign Films, Study of Japanese Films, etc.

Theory and History

Theory of Entertainment, Theory of Creative Art, Theory of Creating Sounds, Specific Theory of Rendering, Theory of Animation, Specific Theory of Screen Image, Copyright of Image, etc.

Two-Year Course: Major in Politics and Journalism/ Major in Entertainment/ Major in Creator

This is a two-year course created mainly for those who are currently working or graduates (adults). In the first and second academic years, students study the subjects based on each specialized course in Tokyo Campus and aim to become work-ready persons. In principle, students of this course study the same subjects as the four-year course during the daytime.


Chosei Campus

4427-1 Hitotsumatsu-hei, Chosei-mura, Chosei-gun, Chiba-ken 299-4325, Japan

Tokyo Campus

2-6-5 Minamisuna, Koto-ku, Tokyo-to 136-0076, Japan